Giving You Peace of Mind

If Apple Tree Inspections misses anything, We’ll Buy Your Home Back!

Our Home Buyer Inspections Have A 200% Satisfaction Guarantee

If our service is not living up to your expectations simply let us know, and we promise to make every attempt to fix it. Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority. If, at the conclusion of the inspection you are still not satisfied with our service, and the value we provided, we will refund your inspection fee, AND we will pay for another licensed inspector of your choice to inspect the same home again up to the original fee.

We are so confident in what we do – That we are willing to back it up 200%

The majority of items found during a typical home inspection are minor, simple to repair, or can simply be accepted as they are, and lived with. There is no reason to be scared away from a good home because it isn’t “perfect”. A home is like a person, no one is perfect, all homes have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. We strongly encourage you to attend the inspection if it is possible. We prefer go through each item with you, on site so we can take time to answer all your questions, and concerns. We try to offer simple reasonable explanations and sometimes solutions to problems that may arise. We also take time to educate our clients on how to operate and maintain their home, because we want to help our clients avoid problems in the future. We specialize in Providing Peace of Mind. In fact, We Guarantee it.

Buyers protection Guarantee.

Here at Apple Tree Inspections we understand that purchasing a property can be a difficult, stressful and sometimes confusing time. Unfortunately, sometimes things just don’t work out for our clients and the deal falls through. In many cases it’s not even the buyers fault. There can understandably be some anxiety in hiring a home inspector knowing there is always a chance the home may not close and the money spent on an inspection is gone forever. Because our clients peace of mind is our top priority we developed our Buyer Protection Guarantee. If the first house we inspect does not close, Apple Tree Inspections will discount the next inspection by $100.

  • The next home must be purchased with the same real-estate Agent
  • The next home must go under contract within 30 Days
  • The Buyers Protection Guarantee is for owner occupants only
  • Limit one use per client

Well Buy Your Home Back Guarantee

If we fail to identify a reportable defect as defined by InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice,

We Will Buy the Home Back! Up to 90 Days after closing, for the purchase price of the HomeAs hard as we try to deliver the perfect inspection to our Clients, there is always a possibility that we could miss something. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Because we care about protecting our clients, we made the decision as a company to pay a portion of each inspection fee to participate in InterNACHI’s Buy Back Guarantee Program. It works like an insurance policy and is backed by InterNACHI, which is the largest professional organization for home inspectors in the world. We provide this protection free of charge to all our Clients. Just one more way we provide Peace of Mind by delivering more than just a home inspection.

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